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NextEnergy 3-Series

NextEnergy 3-Series™

The NextEnergy 3-Series uses dual compressors providing three different stages for optimal comfort at maximum efficiency to meet the heating and cooling demands of your home. This system will run in first stage when the weather conditions require only a minimal amount of heating or cooling. With increased demand, the NextEnergy 3-Series will effortlessly move to second stage, or in extreme weather, to third stage without shutting down or interrupting its run time. Using GE's ECM™ motor technology, the fan speed is matched to the specific air requirements in your home. The result is a consistent indoor environment throughout the entire heating and cooling season. The patented on demand hot water option simultaneously produces 100 per cent of your radiant in-floor and domestic hot water. This is the only system available in Canada to offer this kind of functionality and performance.


System Versatility
Simultaneous Operation
Personalized Comfort
Simple Design
Whisper Quiet Operation
Zoning Capabilities
Anytime Hot Water Generation
Canada's Only 3-Stage System With Dual Compressors

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