About Us

Haliburton Geothermal is a division of Greg Brown Construction and is operated by Greg Brown and his staff.  With over 30 years in the construction industry in Haliburton, Greg has developed a vast knowledge of the area and how to operate a strong business. With our first geothermal system being installed in Haliburton in 2008, we have since installed over 50 systems throughout Haliburton county and in neighboring communities as well.

Our Networks of Companies

While we have been working in Haliburton County since 1982, we have added a few specialized divisions within our company to better suit the needs of the Haliburton community.

One of the finest construction companies in Haliburton since 1982, Greg and his team of carpenters have been changing the face of Haliburton in both the commercial and residential sectors. Installing new septic systems to the homes and cottages of the Haliburton area with precision, speed, and quality.


Located just outside of Haliburton Village, Stothart Creek is a 41 lot development with high-end custom homes spread out over 96 acres with a 7-acre parkland running along side a brook-trout creek.

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