Photo gallery of our work

We have installed over 50 systems throughout Haliburton county’s diverse topography and in neighboring communities as well.  See some photos of our work and and get inspired!


When researching if a geothermal system will be right for your home or business, you may come across terms you are not familiar with.  Reading our glossary of geothermal terms will help.


While geothermal has proven itself to be your #1 energy saver in the heating and cooling sector, there are still many myths surrounding this application.  Find out more on our Facts vs Myths page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have more questions?  After reading through our geothermal glossary and geothermal facts vs myths, you may still have questions.  Find the answers on our frequently asked questions page.


Save Money

Energy efficient: The money used to purchase and operate a geothermal unit in your home will save you money long term as you can save 2/3’s of a comparable heating bill every year.

Go Green

Environmentally friendly: Geothermal systems are highly energy efficient and do not burn fuel to produce heat; they do not produce greenhouse gases or harmful exhaust gases.

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