For every home, there is a geothermal system that can be sized and design for your maximum comfort levels.  Below is a list of some of the geothermal units we install in and around Haliburton.

Tranquility 30 Digital (TE)

Highest efficiency of Climate Master geothermal forced-air units to provide you with the best comfort level both in air temperature and ease on your wallet month after month.

Tranquility TE30

Tranquility 22 Digital (TZ)

Climate Master’s largest seller due to its lower price than the TE30 but still high efficienies when comparing to other similar brands.

Tranquility TZ22

Tranquility Water to Water (TMW)

A small and simple Water to Water unit for delivering hot water to radiant floor or domestic hot water.  These are dependable, quiet, and even stackable.

Tranquility TMW

Tranquility Split Series (TES)

For those tight crawlspaces or ductwork configurations where the duct-work is in another part fo the house, these Split units work great for the tricky spots.

Tranquility Split Indoor

Tranquility Air Handler (TAH)

These Air Handlers are a great add-on to the TMW units where there is a demand for air conditioning

Tranquility Air Handler

Accessories and Options

Customize your new heating system with these options that help make Canada’s best heating system even better.


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